This is pictures from the 2017 GrayEagles Christmas Party

2017 Christmas party notes….Thanks to lots of members’ help, we had a good turnout of 45 for our 26th Yule event. There were 4 extra lunches which were raffled off. Don Lee was the special honoree this year for his USN service on 14 hr early warning missions above the Arctic Circle on the EC-121 (“Connie”). Cornball award for worst good jokes went to Hal Smith. Rueanna Brychta received the Spark Plug Award for years of help with procuring and decorating raffle gifts. She was unable to attend so Michael DiSalvo received for her. Phil Jordan again provided music and displayed the antique Charles Dickens type dolls made by his mother 50 + yrs ago. He also showed the Viet Nam era mess kits GIs used for past Christmas dinners in the field. God bless and good health to all in 2017! Fotos follow. Your esteemed treasurer, Lou Maucieri.