This page shows some photos from the 2015 Elk Grove Veterans Day Parade.

Picture this: a sun- splashed, sparkling  morning in Elk Grove under chromatic trees, hundreds of people in uniforms they wore long ago, platoons of kids- scouts, high school bands, flag bears, ROTC, oodles of observers, lots of floats and fifteen of the Gray Eagles. Three scored a ride in the 1975 Seagrave fire engine brought by Martin Ashley, co-founder of our organization. Iris Taggart wore her high wattage red/white/blue parade outfit in Hal Smith's '56 T-bird convertible. Glen Vanderford and Mel Chorich rode in the red '61 Chrysler convertible of the P- 38 " Fork Tailed Devils".  John Baeta and Glen wore their War II uniforms! These three rides looked real smart all in formation. Jerry Quint, Partrick and Patricia Kinney walked with the group. Hope to see you there next year. Hand salute to all our veterans- then and now!. 

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